NANOWorld® eEducation Campus

NANOWorld® is dedicated to nanotechnology education. To effectively deliver educational content NANOWorld® has partnered with Aerolearn to provide on-line courses. Register for 6 months to NANO100 for $125.00 USD.

Nano 100 is a structured tutorial, rich in content, that is designed to introduce you to the World of Nanotechnology. It succinctly presents nanotechnology notions in a manner that are easy to understand. It brings into focus the application and use of nanotechnology with a global perspective. It prepares you to move forward with confidence and understanding in your nanotechnology pursuit.

Nano 100 is self paced and user friendly. Special educational background and prerequisites are not required. It is designed for both technical and non technical persons. You only need to know how to surf the internet.

Nano 100 has four Packets and two Annexes. Each Packet has a Presentation with a Vocabulary Lesson, Quiz, Study Links, and Summary. Annex 1 ”Speaking in Nano” is a listing of commonly used words in the nanotechnology literature. Annex 2 “Links to Websites” is a listing of nanotechnology links that reinforce the learning of each Packet.

Packet 1 – “The First Nano Step” defines nanotechnology and its environment.

Packet 2 – “Where It is Happening” introduces domestic and global institutions that are involved in nanotechnology.

Packet 3 – “Finding What You Can Not See” presents companies that are involved with nanotechnology.

Packet 4 – “Nano Possibilities” demonstrates the application and use of nanotechnology.

Certificate - After the completion of the Final Quiz, which may be retaken, a Certificate of Completion is given.

Cost - The cost of the online course is $125.00 USD. Your credit card will show a charge to "Aerolearn", the course provider.

Access - You retain unlimited access to the course for 6 months. You may start and stop, and return to the course at any time with in your 6 month registration.




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