ssentials in Understanding and Managing Nanotechnology
Northrop Rice Advanced Institute of Technology
“…technology’s truth is determined by application and use.” S.A.G.

Program Description

Essentials in Understanding and Managing Nanotechnology is an accelerated program designed to bring functional and technical organizations, through its workforce, into an immediate understanding of nanotechnology and its application and use. The program is designed to provide a usable business model for the development, application, marketing and financial consideration of using nanotechnology in different industries, such as automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical devices, energy, biotechnology and entertainment.

Course Instructors

The Northrop Rice Nanotechnology Center faculty consists of a diverse group of industry professionals with extensive real-world experience. Click here to learn more about the instructors.

Who Should Attend

All Engineering Disciplines, Scientists, Educators, Program Managers, Purchasing Agents, Supply Chain Management Professionals, Marketing Representatives, Technology Officers, Business and Finance Professionals, City and Government Professionals

Six Thursday Mornings
Dates TBD

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM




$2,400 per person includes text books, course materials, and continental breakfast/refreshments.

Course Objectives:

  1. Enable participants to develop a working knowledge of nanotechnology and its applications.
  2. Provide participants a top-level understanding of the interaction of nanotechnology, market opportunities for nanotechnology application, and the profitable financial returns to support nanotechnology product development.
  3. Using an integrated team approach consisting of participants from functional organizations, such as, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, business administration, program management, information technology and finance, participants will learn how to identify market opportunities for nanotechnology solutions, design/develop/manufacture nanotechnology products, and develop a business proposal that will help secure funding for nanotechnology ventures.

Course Description

The program is offered in six four hour modules. Each module is offered once a week over six weeks. Class size is limited to 15-20 students. Readings are required. Class format is interactive. Class attendance is essential as there are weekly assignments and in class team activity. Prerequisites are a minimum of two years work experience and internet literacy.

For additional information contact:

Dr. Anthony F. Laviano
Email: a.f.laviano@nanoworldusa.com
Phone: 310-459-8569

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