A Message from the Chairman & Founder
Dr. Anthony F. Laviano

We continue to move forward. We joined Northrop Rice Advanced Institute of Technology (NRAIT) in a partnership to broaden our advanced technology base and enhance our education activity. NRAIT has a long standing tradition of technology and business education in the aviation industry. Its history can be traced back to Northrop Aeronautical Institute founded in 1942 by Dr. John K. Northrop, founder of Northrop Aircraft Company, and Dr. James L. McKinley. The Rice component of NRAIT can be traced back to Rice Aviation founded in 1971 by Dr. James W. Rice and Mrs. Mary Alice Rice. NRAIT is experienced in Online Education. Other initiatives are on our horizon. We shall keep you updated as events unfold.

Our nanotechnology education programs, Professional Development, College and High School have enriched the education process. Our educational material is designed to assist in the understanding of nanotechnology so that it may enhance career paths and be brought into the work place. We shall continue to support these endeavors.

The NANOWorld® vision remains simple, authentic and genuine with a focus on Education, Application and Use for the purpose of growing a Nanotechnology Industry. We are a forum introducing established nanotechnology concepts to the Business, Engineering, Educational and Government Communities. Through NANOWorld® you will meet the people who produce Nanotechnology products and services.

As founder of NANOWorld®, I have made a personal commitment to advocate the application and use of Nanotechnology. I invite you to participate in NANOWorld® programs. Your participation is the yeast that swells the use of nanotechnology in the market place.


Dr. Anthony F. Laviano
Chairman and Founder

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